Maintaining a Work-Life Balance

It has not been easy for me to try and maintain a work-life balance. The weeks fly by. The two days I am off on the weekend are filled with trying to take care of my living space, spend time with my family, and maintain my social life. Now that I am in London, I am living in a different time zone than my friends and family. I rarely have time to connect with the people I love while juggling my busy schedule. I am still not the best at balancing everything, but here are a few things I try to do to stay on top of dealing with juggling everything

  1. Put Things Off

Some things just do not get done. There are only so many hours in the day. I used to feel bad about not completing tasks, but I had to give myself grace when I realized I could not finish every task every day. Being a mother, some days can seem as though you are responsible for so much and you cannot drop the ball on anything. Drop the ball when you need to.

  • Ask For Help

I let my husband know when I need a break. I let my boss know when I need to step away from work. I try not to step away, but personal things happen in life that causes us not to be able to focus. Any time I think that someone can help me to take a mental break I ask. The worst they can say is no, but it does not hurt to ask. I used to think that for things to be done I had to do everything, but delegating is now my friend.

  • Do Something You Love

I love singing, writing, and helping others if I can. When I take time to work on my passions, it makes my workday go by so much faster. It helps me feel like I am pouring into my own cup and not just giving my energy and time to the betterment of everything else.

I am still learning as I go. I now know that it is vital for your health and happiness that you do things like go home when your workday is over from time to time. Take a break from What stresses you, even if it is just for a short while. Giving yourself a time out when you’re able to can help you concentrate on whatever you are doing and not feel over.

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