Healing Power of Music

As I get older there are some songs that I just cannot listen to with the same intensity that I did when I was younger. At times I feel as if the banging beats give me a headache. Do not get me wrong, I love music of all kinds, but some music I can only take in doses. I also find that some of the messages go against my ideas of being intentional with my words. I do not want to recite or repeat things that are going to put my mind in a negative space.

I never thought of music having its own vibrational frequency, but it does. This is why certain songs can evoke different emotions, Sounds have frequencies, and lyrics are affirmations. Imagine singing your favorite song over and over, and the message is of self-destruction. Eventually, you will not feel uplifted, and you will have a lower vibration.

On the other hand, some songs make you feel healed and whole. Lately, I have been into listening to things that make me feel healed and pleasant. I was listening to Jhene Aiko when I discovered Singing Bowls. Singing Bowls generate a pulsation that can be felt in the body and mind and cause a relaxing sensation. The bowl is made from quartz crystal, found in nature. When struck the singing bowl creates its unique tone that lasts for about 10 seconds before fading away.

It is as relaxing to me as a breath of fresh air. Sometimes I fall asleep to the sound of Singing Bowls. The tone is sent out by the bowl and received by you creating an acoustic experience within. The sound then returns to your body as energy that resonates within your cells. This happens repeatedly as the sound keeps ringing through you.

The sound of a crystal singing bowl helps harmonize your mind, body & spirit by transforming negative. It has been said that the body can heal itself when it is in a relaxed state. Sound vibrations create energy waves that stimulate relaxation and a sense of balance inside. All things in moderation, but we must be mindful of what we are consuming. They say to be careful what you say to yourself because you are listening and it is true! Be careful what you let your music say to you too.

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