Self Esteem & Social Media

The internet has changed so much since I was younger. Long gone are the days of opening my email and hearing “you’ve got mail.” Now I can be reached all day on multiple platforms all day. It seems like the notifications do not stop ringing. The internet has grown into a terrific way to connect with people worldwide and share your interests. It has become the primary way that many people communicate. However, it also allows people to live in the fictitious world of the internet and become detached from reality.

You may be looking at someone’s life online and wishing that you had the life. You might wish that you had the things that they have. Another person might tell you that it is ok because things are not always as good as they appear, and that person who appears to have a beautiful life may have great hardships. That might be true, but I would not advise that you find solace in the fact that someone else may have struggles that they are not sharing.

Instead, I want you to think about all the blessings that you have and all the ways that your life is beautiful and pleasing. No one indeed has it all, but we can all strive to have the best and happiest lives. I believe in the law of reciprocity. You cannot gain by wishing and hoping others are having strife in their lives. One of the best things that you can do is rejoice in someone else’s happiness because it means that it can also happen to you.

Try not to compare yourself. Remember that you are a rare illustration of God’s love for the world. You are here because you bring something special to earth. You are here to heal something and someone with your unique gifts. You do not need to be or have anything than what you are. You are here to illuminate something different.

People can say mean and heartless things online, but keep in mind that the person you are interacting with online is not always thinking about you or trying to upset you. Even when offline, refrain from assuming that every interaction is aimed at upsetting you. People are just being themselves and speaking their minds without considering how their phrases might affect others. Sometimes people just want to lash out their anger at a person they font know. It is easy for humans to internalize what we see on social media. Our difficulties are real and valid, but so are the struggles of others.

The people you see on social media are real people with strengths and weaknesses. They are not perfect, but neither are you. Sometimes you are a toxic person, but all the time you are amazing the way you are.

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  1. I agree with you 100%. We must get with the understanding that social media isn’t real. So many people allow it to dictate their lives. It’s an issue if the first thing you grab in the morning is your cell phone and head to social media. There are so many quality moments being lost.

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