5 Transcendent Questions To Ask Yourself

  1. Am I taking responsibility for my actions or am I looking for a way to find peace without self-edification?

I’ve noticed recently that people have gravitated toward belief systems that don’t cause them to have to take responsibility for their actions.  Everyone else is the negative energy that they need to keep themselves from.  They need to meditate because everyone else is stopping their peace.  I believe that at the core of wanting to get in contact and gratitude toward the creator is a want to be your best self.  Wanting to be your best self is going to automatically cause self-edification.

  1. Am I outwardly giving thanks daily?

Most of us complain several times a day.  We complain when we are running late.  We complain about traffic.  We complain about our comings and goings.  The truth is that many of us have far more things to give thanks for than we must complain about.  There is power in verbalizing your blessings with the intensity that you verbalize what you perceive as downfalls. I would argue that verbalizing downfalls can be debilitating to envisioning and attracting positivity into your atmosphere.

  1. Do I sincerely care about the spirit of my neighbor?

To the creator, we all have a significant role.  We are all connected.  We are all deserving of love. While we shield ourselves from being a part of low vibrational things, we need to make sure that we are giving goodness and love to those who need it.  We are all here to uplift.  Some people are literally starving from a lack of love.  If you have the greatest power of love, pass it to someone.

  1. Do my finances reflect my values?

I am not telling you that you must give money to any particular organization, but I find that when I give I never lose anything.  If you are a person who hates hunger, donate to the hungry.  There is a powerful spiritual evolution that happens when you give without hesitation with a heart that has a great want to help.  I may not give to the church, but I will donate to causes that reflect my morals and values.  I don’t talk about it because giving is not about being praised by other people.  In my opinion, giving is about showing the gratitude that we have for the ability to have and to give it to someone else. I know people who don’t donate to the church because they don’t trust the church. That person who doesn’t have a home that you passed, that’s not the church. That is a soul in need.

  1. Am I learning anything?

Whatever road that you are on should cause you to always be learning.  You will never know enough bout the creator.  You will never know enough about the Universe.  You will never know enough about yourself.  I can’t sit in a church, or a meeting, or a building, and I am not learning.  When you are seeking to know The Most High evolution has to be happening.

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