Living in the Midst of an Answered Prayer

Do you remember when you made an earnest request before the creator asking and hoping for the things you have now? 

Do you remember feelings of sorrow and crying out wishing for your prayers to be answered?

What happened when your request was granted? What happened when you realize that you were living in the exact place that you envisioned you would be?

We must acknowledge when we are living in the midst of a prayer answered, or a request that has been granted by The Most High.  How often do we earnestly pray for things, but once we receive the things that we have prayed we forget to just be grateful? 

Gratitude is not for the benefit of The Creator.  It is for your benefit.  It should not be based on what you don’t have but on appreciation for what you do have.  Spiritual growth happens when we are able to see the good that is happening and to be able to feel the goodness of the moment.  Being grateful is living in the blessings of the moment and not always longing for something else.  It is being present and appreciating the good in life.

If you haven’t practiced gratitude, you may wonder how a person can be grateful for small things when they don’t have everything they desire.  There are some people who have unknowingly lived so much misery and made misery such a part of their identity that the idea of being grateful and happy is not realistic.

It is important to remember that we can count the bad or we can count the good. When I count the good, I see more good in my life. When I count the bad, I see more bad in my life. I believe in the spiritual laws that say we attract things to us. I feel better when I make a conscious effort to acknowledge the good in my life.

Every night before bed I say 2 things in grateful for, but never the same two things. For example… I wouldn’t say I’m thankful for health because I’ve already said it. There is a separate time where I go back and reflect on those blessings that I’ve mentioned, but this exercise that I’ve started is a way for me to acknowledge that The Universe has an overwhelming amount of good in it and I am enjoying the benefits of it.

The truth is some bad things are necessary to make way for good things. Some pains are necessary for growth. Some absolutely awful things happen, but a bad thing that happened does not have to turn into a bad life that you are living. Tragedies are not your life. Tragedies are things that have happened in your life. As hard as it may be to believe…if you wait long enough a bad thing may mold itself as a catalyst for good in your life.

Take moments even when they are small to be grateful to The Creator for your miracles. Some people are still praying and longing for the things that you have been blessed with.  We as a people can be so quick to complain or to point out the things that we don’t have or the things that don’t go right, but watch how your experiences change once you start to say thank you for everything that is going right.

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